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About Us

The London Art Gallery website features mixed media artwork generally relating to London.  There will also be other artwork included on other subjects.  The artwork is about popular culture, and therefore is ‘pop art’.  The main artist is concerned with giving positive energy, as well as making the pieces fun, interesting and engaging.


The artwork generally consists of mixed media pieces made by using graphics and hand drawing which is amalgamated into the finished piece. The work is 3 dimensional in the main and each piece is hand crafted and the concepts are unique to the London Art Gallery. The work is made in small limited editions but also original pieces can be made specifically for customers.


The techniques used to make the art are unique to the artist, and takes total dedication, a great deal of time and patience.  Concept and technique are of paramount consideration and all the work is professional produced.


There is also the opportunity of purchasing 2d prints on both Fine Art paper and some on canvas.


The artists within the listings have an international reputation, and the work has been selected to fit in with the overall theme. At the London Art Gallery there is always an extensive choice of contemporary mixed media work and paintings featuring Architectural scenes from London and sometimes other Cities and subjects across the globe.


 Each piece of art is hand signed by the artist which authenticates the piece.


All architectural art from London Art Gallery can be delivered throughout the world normally within 7/14 days of purchase – see terms and conditions.